Offices For Lease

Imagine living so close to your office that you could walk to work every day down tree-lined paths.

“Being a father of two, I realized everything a family could want is located in this community-from parks to shopping to area events. So why not have my office in that area and cater my business to that family?”

Now imagine having your offices located close to the rapidly growing Sunset corridor but away from the traffic and congestion that comes with growth.


Not when you lease space with Bethany Village Office buildings.

The Office properties include five Village-sized buildings that allow residents to work, shop and play within walking distance of their homes in Bethany Village.

Located only 10 miles from downtown and near many of Oregon's leading technology.

Companies including Tektronix, Nike and Intel, Bethany Village Offices are ideal for all companies, especially those serving the high-tech industry.

The buildings feature professional and office suites ranging in size from 96 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq, ft. to accommodate a variety of business needs.